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How to cleanup bat guano.

Avoid Sweeping or Vacuuming

You may be tempted to sweep or vacuuming up, but don’t. Bat guano is a made up of very fine particles  that are compressed together and when you start to clean up the guano it breaks apart and can become airborne,  this can be very hazardous when ingested and may  causes illnesses and diseases. Never sweep or vacuum up the piles of guano prior to the following steps.

Protect Your Skin and Airways

 All exposed areas of your skin must be covered completely, ensuring you wear thick gloves. Goggles and a mask (we recommend a respirator) are also important, so your eyes and airways are protected. Even if you’ve damped the guano, wear a mask over your nose and mouth.

Dampen the Bat guano.

 In spray bottle, moisten the guano to avoid creating any powder residue when you remove the guano.

Remove the Droppings 

Don’t use Mom’s good broom or house vacuum when picking up. You can use disposable paper towels, an old broom that you can disposal of and or a shop vac with a good HEPA filter and bags.

Disinfect the Area

Remove and discard of any disturbed insulation, if any. Spray the affected areas with a disinfectant and an antifungal and use a mop or scrubbing pads to thoroughly clean the area.


Cleaning up after bats have inhabited your home can be a big job. If the information above seems too much for you to take on, or you’re unsure you can handle the job properly, you should call in the experts. Midwest Bat Specialists has expertise and experience to handling the situations of cleaning up the bats mess, and we can clean up quickly and effectively.